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We are promoting a wide use of aromatherapy for companion animals, and our activities will be conducted having as an objective the enhancement of animal health and welfare

Our Concept of Aromatherapy
for Companion Animals

We are very pround that our organization is supported by Mr. Martin Watt. **

"Practical Animal Aromatherapy Course of Lectures" was serialized in Journal of Veterinary Medicine from April to November in 2009. (Bun-eido Publishing Co.,Ltd., Tokyo, Japan).

The results of Joint Research with Tottori/Yamaguchi Universities regarding Lavender oil was published in American Journal of Veterinary Research in June 2009.
(Vol.70, No.6, pp 764-769).

The results of Joint Research on Hydrosol with Kinki University was published in the Journal of Veterinary Medicine July edition, 2014.
(JVM vol.67. No.7.p527
Bun-eido Publishing Co.,Ltd.,Tokyo, Japan)

Joint Research on Hydrosols and Essential Oils with Lab. of Companion Animals, Department of Human and Animal-Plant Relationships, Faculty of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture, is currently under way (March, 2015)

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